Monday, May 9, 2011

Alabama's Live Elephant Mascots

Up until the 1950s, Alabama would sometimes parade a pair of live elephant mascots around Tuscaloosa (and even on the field of Denny Stadium) on gameday such as this pair in the Quad in1945. The practice was suspended when caring for the animals became too expensive.


  1. Were the elephants owned by the University or rented?

  2. I remember in the early 1990's UA had a live elephant walk in the homecoming parade. I'm 28 now but remember being interviewed as a child and asked on camera what I thought about the big elephant. However, I can't find any proof this happened online. Can anyone find information about Bama having a live Elephant in the 90's during the Homecoming parade? I swear i'm not crazy. My father also remembers.

  3. Looking through the Tuscaloosa News archives, there is a photo of Big Al and a pair of live elephants that were part of the Homecoming activities on Oct. 12, 1991. Alabama beat Tulane 62-0 in the game that day.